Sunday, September 16, 2007

Turf Tussle

Trimming and tidying up in the garden this morning where I came across this critter, Ranger had a little tussle with the neighbor's dog from across the street when the sweet old collie came trotting into the side yard trailing her leash. She was friendly enough, but Ranger apparently felt her turf had been encroached upon and that her mama was in danger so she went into full protection mode, hackles up and aggressive barking. I felt bad because she was off leash and the other dog wasn't being aggressive at all, but we were in our own yard. Everything was fine and Ralph came and got his dog and I got ahold of Ranger. Just a lot of barking from Ranger as she protected her mama. Then all was back to normal and I took some more photos of the grasshopper topping the hydrangea. Now Ranger is on full alert checking the perimeter and looking out the library window where she has the best vantage point from which to see intruders.

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