Sunday, October 19, 2008

Kitchen Palette Reveal

After meeting with the cabinet lady earlier this week I have all of the kitchen materials and finishes chosen and my husband has given his "ok by me".

From floor on up they are:
  • Floor - 12" terra cotta tiles set on the diagonal with a 6" border.
  • Cabinets - Maple recessed panel doors finished in canvas glaze with steel bar pulls.
  • Counter top - PaperStone in Slate. A recycled product made out of paper using a cashew nut resin. It has the look of Soap Stone and cuts much like wood.
  • Wall Color - Goldfinch.
A little update on how things are progressing: No problems refinancing to pay for the renovation, but Jesus' initial estimate was way too much so I started eliminating and scaling back the scope of the upstairs project. I hope to have a revised number from him by tomorrow so I can give the bank a final number. This could fund by the end of the month.

This weekend I combed through my list of products and materials (appliances, tub, vanity, sink, etc) and through scaling back and even eliminating items that don't effect the overall integrity of the design I've been able to shave 13% off of my bottom line. Now, let's see how much
Jesus was able shave off and we'll be on our merry, dusty, disruptive, construction zone way.


Jeanette said...

Your color choices are very pretty. I hope Jesus' comes thru with a good number for you.


Cari said...

I like the colors too....

how much fun you must be having turning your house into a home ; )

Seattle Architect said...

Your pallet looks great, I'd recommend you look at using EcoTop for your counters. It is made by the same guy that did paperstone but it improved with better color saturation and consistency. We have had problems with the color changing in the wear areas of other paper based products. You can see it at;

Jeanette said...

I've been tagged - now I'm tagging you. See the rules at

Happy tagging.

P.S. What a nice comment from Seattle Architect.