Sunday, October 12, 2008

A Nickel For Your Thoughts

My wonderful husband and I drove downtown to have breakfast at the recently opened Nickel Diner. I ordered the 5th and Main; BBQ Pork Hash with Poached Eggs. While it sounded good in theory, the BBQ sauce completely overwhelmed the plate. I pushed the saucy pork aside to get it away from the perfectly poached and very fresh eggs. I wish I had tried something else. Oh well, some choices I make in my life are better than others. And in the whole scheme of things this one wrong decision is certainly not likely to be the cause of any great catastrophy. The place itself was really great with a wonderful menu, I just selected the wrong dish.

We had high winds yesterday making the skies over Los Angeles today a deep and clear blue. We marveled at the blueness as we passed the beautiful old Rosslyn Hotel and spied a couple of cats in a shop window where we were met by Stella, the shop's owner. She invited us in to her unique "gallery" of art, dresses, hats and a variety of furnishings, props and cats. A delightful lady with an accent I couldn't place. Something sounding kind of German-ish to me, she had her Best of Downtown awards and other notable mentions and articles on a shelf and hanging on the wall near the back of the shop.

It felt very comfortable to me. Her shop. It was filled with the things she obviously loves, including a few cats, and in all her creative and quirky splendor she has carved her place in life.

Now that I'm home with my Sweetie pie, doing laundry and dealing with a few work issues, and crunching numbers on the house renovation, I think about the day when my days may be spent welcoming passersby into a shop, my husband tinkering on bicycles, and a dog and cat or two nearby.

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Cari said...

can we switch lives...?

; )

Cinnamon Thoughts said...

Ha! Nice try. But I think not. Although, with your kids and my husband we kinda make up one of those family things.