Saturday, September 17, 2005

Catfish Are Jumpin'

When I wake up on a Saturday morning I can’t believe the man there sleeping next to me. He is warm and snuggly and I want to burrow into his side, roll him over and rest my head in the nook.

This morning we woke up late, after 8:00. The catfish were jumpin’ and the coffee was callin’. We ran out of the $5 bag of Rwandan coffee that I carried home with us from Africa. Every time I opened my duffle the aroma enveloped me and I would breathe in deeply and sigh. It smelled sooo good. When we did get home some 18 days later and finally tore open the bag we discovered heaven. It was really good coffee. A strong dark roast. If I’da known I would have bought more.

Will found some coffee online from Rwanda but it’s more of a medium roast and although good not nearly as good as what we brought back with us. We’ll have to keep looking.

We had potatoes, bacon and fried eggs for breakfast and the we took an extended walk around the blocks with Shadow. On the next block a small blond dog with a collar was out in the street looking at Shadow as we passed when we saw someone barreling up the street. We both stopped and looked at the dog who was looking at us as I saw the car accelerating toward it. All I could do is say “Oh my god the little dog” when the car was upon it and passing us at way too fast a speed for a residential street. The dog was moving back towards the curb and I couldn’t see it after the car passed. Then the little thing was in the yard of the house we were standing in front of not realizing how close he just came to being toast.

Being a pet owner I never speed on residential streets. I’ve been in a car speeding through a residential area and just after I told him to slow down, what if some kid ran out in the street, a dog did and he hit it. It was a Great Dane and other than the pads of his feet being scraped up he was ok. This little thing would not have been so lucky.

When we got back I got to work setting up my new computer. I got Quicken synched up with my BofA online account and downloaded my transactions. I downloaded my cover letter and resume into my new Word program and set up my income/expense report in my new Excel program. All went well and took very little effort. No glitches, no crashes, everything works and I’m online and my printer rocks and I’m online lickity split. I’d been suffering so long with 5 year old Compaq so now it’s as it should be, thanks to my baby getting me online DSL-y.

Baby got busy in the back yard working on his bike restoration project. He’d disassembled it and was stripped the blue paint off of the frame and when I went outside to check up on him he had great blue smudges on his cheek and nose. Just an adorable kid and his bike.


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