Saturday, September 10, 2005

I'm a What?

My husband told me the other day that I am a step-mom. I barely became a wife, how can it be that I'm a step-mom. Well, of course I knew he had a daughter. But the relationship fell apart about five years ago and he hadn't seen her or been in contact with her. I thought that at some point his daughter would appear and my hope was that in time she, Katie, would allow Will back in her life, allow him to be there for her, to be her dad. That day has come.

She turned 16 a couple of days ago and there has been some talk around the house of birthday gifts and such. And then I started thinking. I'm going to be a part of Katies life now too. I'm her step-mom by golly. So I'm thinkin' I'd like to get her a little something to show her I'm ok with it all. And I think I really am. I look forward to us getting to know each other. I sure do like the look on Will's face when Katie calls him dad. Man, what it must feel like to have a kid call you dad (or mom). Not knowing what that feels like is something I know will be the biggest loss of my life.

My mom is my best friend and untill I met Will she was everything to me. Having Will in my life is more comforting than I can say. Now I have the opportunity to share my life with Katie as well. And she is a sweetie (although I've only met her once and there are surely sides to her that might not be so pleasant). I got the feeling that she's a good hearted kid and seems to be happy and is definitely happy to have her dad back in her life.

So I googled "teenage girl birthday present" and found a site called pbteen that has all kinds of cool stuff. I don't know yet what she likes or doesn't like but I know she's getting a karoeke mic and she likes music and sings in the school choir or something, so I found this really cool "APPLAUSE" sign. It lights up and has an applause track. I hope she likes it.

There's also talk of getting together with Katie and her mom-mom for dinner to present the co-purchased karoeke mic, but I don't know if I'm that comfortable yet. So many people in my life. Not used to it. It was only yesterday that it was just me and the Bink. Now there's a husband a mother-in-law a step-daughter and an ex-wife. Dang. Nice of the ex to offer, though. And I still don't know if I'll decline or accept. Everyone acting so grown up and all I guess I can too.

My life has changed. New adventures are on the horizon. Challenges are around the bend. Fall is in the air. Just a cople of page flips of the calendar and the Holidays are here.

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