Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Where Does the Time Go?!?

As you must be aware, it is Wednesday, September 7th. A year ago my husband was just my boyfriend. We had recently moved in together though. So I think we were definetly on a track leading to something long-lasting. Well me, him, our combined 4 cats, 1 dog and a tortiose.

Since we met (through I e-mailed him first in November 2003 and we've been steady ever since) we've done a lot. For one, we got married. 06/16/05. That means I'm a misses for the first time in my life. It feels like being a member of some secret club at first. I couldn't mention him as my boyfriend without getting a big grin on my face. And to call him my husband, well that just takes the cake.

He was a long time coming and definitely worth the wait. If the saying “All good things come to those who wait” applies to anything, it applies to this. Which is not to say that "Every step taken is one less step to take".

Some women might have dismissed him as “too nice” or “just a friend”. And there was a time when I would have probably thought the same. I liked the bad boys and a lifestyle more on the edge. But I’m telling you, there is nothing sexier to me than a man who is good and kind and generous. (It helps that he is also smart and funny and handsome with a deep, yummy voice). He’s a man who cares and loves and is not afraid to express himself and does so fearlessly and freely. He participates and shares. All that he is is just perfect for me.

Even when he loses his patience with me I don’t take it personally. I can’t because I know that he loves me and I’m confident in his love. He doesn’t judge or criticize. He doesn’t try to change me or “fix” my problems, he listens and supports me and I don’t even have to tell him that’s what I need. Really.

I feel like a priority in his life. His top priority. And I’ve been in a relationship where I haven’t been 1st on the list (or 2nd or even 3rd) and I lived with it because I thought that’s all there was, and I thought it would get better, but I can say this is a billion times better and this is how it should be. Lucky me to have the opportunity to know how it feels.

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