Thursday, September 22, 2005

Give me Room

My Blue Pilot G-2 pen is out of ink. I go to the office supply closet and all I find are Pilot Neo-Gel pens. No Pilot G-2 pens anywhere. Red ones yes. Blue ones no.

I usually suffer in silence during this time of the month. Like Gorilla trekking, if you get bit by an ant or a stabbed by stinging nettle, you do not cry out, you suffer, in silence.

Well, I'm a little irritable. Noticed it yesterday after I got home when Shadow was pushing the cat food dish across the floor. It was irritating me. Then while I was sleeping my adoring husband came to bed about midnight turning the light on and waking me, and then Bink decided to make himself comfortable on my pillow with a purr like a helicopter hovering outside the house. I didn't throw my husband out of bed, because I love him. I love my cat too, but he got tossed out quick.

In the morning I gave Bink a hug and said sorry dude. He just looked at me with his big green eyes and said nothing to be sorry for. I don't even remembr being tossed out of bed.

I realize I'm not myself. I do. My husband took notice of it also. He just said he was concerned, I was being so quiet. I didn't have to elaborate, just told him I was irritable, and crampy. Hands up in surrender he told me I got all the room I need. I love him for that. No stupid jokes, no overbearing attitude. Just love and give me room to be. I'll be back. You'll see.

But, if I don't find a Blue Pilot G-2 pen, someone's getting fired.


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