Saturday, February 18, 2006

Chinese Lantern Festival

I expected more elaborate lanterns to be on display for the festival, but it seemed they were being sequestered until the end of the festival parade that we didn't wait around for. Maybe next time we'll go a little later and stay for the parade. But today we had lunch at our favorite spot on Olvera Street, the El Paseo Inn .Then wondered through the festival, where we entered a building through a side-door that stood ajar, beckoning us in to try other doors off the 3 story courtyard, leading us through beautiful gutted rooms. Will saw a ladder leading up to the rooftop and promptly tackled that without pause.Back outside we see what's going on at a Chinese calligraphy demonstration. Watch some children with painted faces running with all thier might to fly their little kites. Back at the plaza the dance and music were really wonderful. Very colorful and spirited. Waiting in the wings.For their routine.

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