Friday, February 10, 2006

A Half Pound Lost

Looking forward. To the weekend ahead, to time with my husband, to the joys of my animals, going out on Saturday night, having coffee and cooking in the kitchen. What a bunch of joys to come. Little joys to be sure. I feel that as long as I have joy in my life then I’m doing it right.

I’m not always happy; I’ve certainly known my share of trouble, heartache, loss, anger, frustration, disappointment, loneliness. But I know enough about myself now to know that I have choices. And if there is something in my life that's bringing me down, I’ll take action to change it. It may not always be in my control to make it happen as soon as I may want it to, but I’ll get there, and what I do to get me there is sometimes enough, because then I know there’s something better up ahead.

I’ve successfully achieved a certain amount of comfort in my life with the right balance of adventure. And I don’t take these comforts or adventures lightly. It has taken effort and sacrifice and hard work to get there sometimes. And sometimes they appear effortlessly by just letting things happen and trusting my instincts. It’s life after all. Good, bad, beautiful, ugly. The highs, the lows and all the good stuff in between.
I’m not sure what led me to this stream of thought tonight. Maybe it’s because of the changes I’ve made and that I’ve really been able to stay on track with this whole eating better and exercise routine. And I am NOT dieting. That word is a set up for failure, and this is not that. I am struggling, as I knew I would. It’s not easy. But I’ll continue in this direction, the right direction, and see what the scales tell me this week. It’s been nearly five weeks now and as of last Sunday I’ve lost 5 pounds, which is ok, and healthy, I know. But man, another 3 pound loss, or even 2 pound loss week would really be great.

We’ll see what happens Sunday when I hit the scale. And if it’s another ½ pound it’s a ½ pound lost.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Sweetie - I think you are doing just fine. They always told me to picture a half pound of hamburger and how much that really is to not be carrying around on my body. Keep your chin up.
I love you.