Saturday, February 18, 2006

Gone in 60 Seconds

After my husband shamelessly gobbled up a whole sheet of cookie dough, he worked it off on the glider. This is him in motion as I walked in the door last night.

The interesting thing is that after talking about his great big slip and fall, whereby I counseled him not to beat himself up about it. I had
a healthy dinner of Pho #17. But later that night I gobbled up 4 ozs of cheese to the tune of 456 calories. Even after we had just talked about giving in to the urges and the consequences. So I acknowledged it, and logged it, and now there is no more cheese in the house.

This weekend we'll do some walking and gliding and make bettor choices. It's a slip, not a ruination of the goal.

Here's a stationary shot of the apparatus on the backyard patio, where we like to hop on and take it for a spin.

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