Thursday, December 08, 2005

The "2 by 2" Answer Game

Got this from Nate's blog, who got it fromPashe, who got it from E

2 names I go by:

2 things that scare me:
Fire; not the warm and comforting fire of a fireplace or a cozy campfire, but wild fire and electrical fire, fires that incinerate everything in their path.
Growing old alone

2 of my everyday essentials:
A hot shower
My husbands arms around me

2 things I am wearing right now:
Small silver hoop earrings from Death Valley, November 2004, when my now-husband also bought me a silver ring and was verrrrry interested in the ring size as I tried them on.

2 favorite songs:
Pale September by Fiona Apple
Distractions by Zero 7

2 things I am looking for in a relationship (other than real love):

2 truths:
Life is an adventure
Without love there is nothing, nothing at all

2 physical traits in the opposite sex that appeal to me:
A brawny build
Touchable hair

2 of my favorite hobbies:
Reading, if I don'’t have a book to read I'’ll go nuts

2 things I want really badly:
To lose weight and feel normal and in control
To maintain balance in my life

2 places I want to go on Vacation:
Back to Africa
Italy; metropolis, back country, coastal, island, mountain, off the beaten path

2 things I want to do before you die:
Travel and see more of the world
Fulfill the dream of owning a little shop of my own where I can be creative and sell my crafts, old books, and lamps and stuff

2 ways that I am stereotypically a dude or chick:
I like soft, pretty things and I have to touch everything
I love getting flowers sent to my office on my birthday

2 things I am thinking about right now:
Is there any chocolate in the house
Tomorrow is Friday, and this weekend I get to hang out with Will and we'll go pick out a Christmas tree

2 people I want to play:
My husband, Will
And anyone else who visits my blog

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