Sunday, December 11, 2005

'Tis the Season

The things I have experienced this past year, the places I have been, the man who has been there with me, now I know that most anything is a possibility. I got married this year. For the first time. At 44. Wait a minute. Just how old am I? 46? How did that happen? Oh well. 46 it is.

It was a long time coming. And worth the wait. All I went through to get me here was worth it. Every failure, every disappointment, every day spent on my own. And I did fine there. On my own. I'’ve always been very independent, but man, there'’s nothing like having someone as wonderful as Will by my side to share my life. Nothing.
Yesterday we went and picked out a tree at the local Delancy Street tree lot. This morning Will brought out the ornaments from the basement and with football on the TV we trimmed the tree. Now it'’s gleaming and twinkling and all aglow.With the tree aptly trimmed we headed out over to Silver Lake Boulevard to take a 4 mile jaunt around the reservoir, stopping in to take a lookyloo at an open house along the way.
Beautiful December day today with the late afternoon sun dropping behind the hills surrounding the lake, casting it'’s warm light along the path. I love these days when we'’ve got nowhere to be. Nothing pressing to do.

The New Year will too be filled with possibilities and adventures, I can be certain of that.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, I looove it when you post pictures of your house. Fun stuff.