Saturday, December 03, 2005

Sticks and Stones...

Shadow (The Cat) Pfffft

Well, this is not the way I'd usually spend a Saturday, but it's bothering me and I might as well get it out so I can move on. And the sooner the better.

Am I actually being ridiculed because of my
blog? Am I also the object of contempt because I participated in an article about blogging in the Los Angeles Times that omitted worthier bloggers?

The biggest part of me says don’t give in to the obvious goading. That’s what they want you to do. They do it indirectly knowing you’ll read it and that under the guise of relating it to the L. A. Times’ article they sucker punch you.

Nancy Remmelmann comments: “Kind, perhaps; forgiving, I have my limits: that is a truly terrible article, with the requisite Timesian nut-graph. And what writer ignores Huffington Port, Mickey Kaus, LGF et al in favor of... cinnamonthoughts? Who, despite being cited in one of the country's largest papers, currently has this posted, front and center:"Still eating leftover ham. This morning I scrambled it up with spinach, baby bella mushrooms, onion and cheese. This won'’t last much longer and I think by tomorrow Shadow [the cat] will be getting some ham tossed in with her grub."Tell me it's parody...”

Jeez, there are people out there that I just don’t want clogging up my life. Not that it matters what the Nancy's of the world think of me or my blog, or anyone I love, but I’m not doing this to be anything other than what I am. So, Nancy, if your intent in life is to despise me by association to my husband, and show just how cruel people can be, if that’s what makes you proud then you’ve accomplished your life’s goal. What an utterly self indulgent, juvenile, and narrow minded thing to do.

What you find so ludicrous in my life is indicative of how bitter and shallow yours must be. I know I shouldn’t take it personally, but I do, because it was. Moving on.


Anonymous said...

I don't think it's you, but rather the Times guy being sort of clueless and lazy. In all of the LA blogosphere, he found some one writes a fairly mundane blog but ignores long-established blogs with more hits, a wider readership, and dare I say, political views antihetical to the Times' view of the universe.
But, perhaps you could try a little harder than posting about using up left-overs.

East Coast Girl said...

I can't believe how incredibly petty some people are -- and how one mean and selfish act two years ago can snowball into the kind of slanderous bashing perpetrated by old coworkers onto innocent third parties.

It's scandalous how you are being treated. But I hope it does not deter you from continuing with your blog. If people don't like what they are reading, they should just move on.

Your header makes it clear that your blog is about home and hearth and daily living. In that vein, I do not see anything wrong with blogging about "using up leftovers". Not everyone knows what to do to with an over-abundance of food leftover after a family gathering, and would welcome the suggestion. I myself considered commenting that you could make some ham salad sandwiches, always a favorite in my house.

Besides, your post that day pointed out that it was because of it being a slow and lazy day that prompted you go exploring and share your photos with us. I thought it turned out to be a delightful post. But no matter what you do, there is always someone out there around the corner ready to over-analyze it and tear it apart. I hope that you are able to let it roll off your back, and remember that there are other readers out here that enjoy what you are doing.

Cinnamon Thoughts said...

Well anonymous, without going overboard with the backstory about the commentor quoted, it was me. But to even say that the post in question was about leftovers is rediculous. What it was was the beginning of a normal post-Thanksgiving day that turned into something full of new adventure.

east coast girl: thanks for showing up in support. And that's my point. It was a 2 year old rift that I had nothing to do with but get caught in the crossfire. I just had to get it out there, and I'm already beyond it.

Anonymous said...

Well, maybe, but didn't you think that you'd get lots of new readers from the Times piece? If you'd posted the Tanzania entry earlier, might have been different.
And ecg--people looking for leftover help? Please

Cinnamon Thoughts said...

Anonymous, I appreciate you coming back. I post 'em as I feel 'em. The mundane to memories of my travels in East Africa. From strolls up Sunset Boulevard to the magnificence of Death Valley, and anything in bewteen that brings me joy. It's my life. You're welcome here (whoever you are), but I'm not in the entertainment industry and you won't find my polical views here.

And, please, let's try to find the humor in leftovers and move along.