Sunday, June 11, 2006

Cole's P. E. Buffet

We'd been talking about Cole's for some time. Neither Will, a born and raised in L. A. kid, or his Mom, who emigrated here from the south in the movie picture business' heyday, had ever been to Cole's. It was even mentioned as a Mother's Day destination this year (last year we went to Philippe's to which we've all been many times over the years). So we took advantage of Mike's invite to meet at Cole's on Saturday for his 100th restaurant review, and asked Will's Mom, Casey, to come along. We ended up in a $10 parking lot (outrageous) and walked the few blocks to Cole's, passing storefronts spilling whatever Pink Panther velour blankets or sequin embellished hand bags they were hawking out of their shops onto the already crowded sidewalks of Los Angeles Street.
I had the Roast Beef Sandwich Plate with a side of Country Potatoes and Macaroni & Cheese. I had already eaten almost everything on my plate before I realized that I hadn't taken a photo. And although Will said his Corned Beef was tough and fatty, my Roast Beef was juicy and tender and the au jus very flavorful.
Mike and Maria were there with the adorable blogger baby, Evan, as well as Pat from, Eric from Bloggingdowntown, and Celia from 5th and Spring among others. And apparently the talk is true that the owners have sold the establishment and what lies ahead for Cole's is going to be interesting to see. I'm glad I got to experience the "before". It's so full of history and authentic pieces, but also a little rough around the edges from neglect.
I didn't realize that Cole's is sub street level which creates a cave like atmosphere that is usually a must for all qualifying dive bars, especially in the back room where there is no natural light coming in. The business at the bar was certainly picking up as we lingered in the dark back room, beyond which is the Game Room. The tables crafted from old signage and the tiffany glass fixtures are surely authentic. I found it's neglected nooks and dark corners enticing and comfortable,rough edges and all.


Mike said...

Susan --
It was so great seeing you guys. Will's mom is totally cool. Thanks for stopping by and breaking french dipped bread with us!

Cinnamon Thoughts said...

It was a pleasure. I just love places like Cole's and hangin' people like you and Maria.