Saturday, June 17, 2006

A Divine Dinner to Cap a Divine Year

For our Paper Anniversary yesterday we celebrated with a return to Edendale Grill for dinner. We began the especially warm evening with a couple of tall Mojitos at the bar then were guided to a table for two on the patio. Our waiter was a very pleasant and on the ball young man who made good recommendations throughout our meal, starting with a Pinot Grigio that was simply perfect.
Since reading last week'’s Food section in the Times all about Crab Cakes, I had a longing for the tasty bundles so there was no other choice of a starter for me, and they came three with a delicious Aioli dipping sauce. Will ordered the Fried Calamari drizzled in a smoky hollandaise-y type sauce and they were both divine.
Next I chose the Goat Cheese and Arugula salad with Hazelnuts, while Will'’s selection of the Fried Green Tomato Salad received a "good choice"” nod from our affable waiter. My salad was certainly yummy, but man those fried green tomatoes were incredible.
For our main dish I had the Seared Tuna with Cherry Tomatoes, Asparagus, Kalamata Olives and Pancetta, and Will ordered the Steak Medallion with Spinach atop a pillow of Gratin Potatoes.
We capped our night with a shared Molten Chocolate desert and coffee.

When I think about the first year with my husband I realize we've done so much. I love my husband so much. I feel incredibly lucky to have met him and to love him. He gets me, and he loves my quirks, as I love his. He is aware of me and he understands my needs. We share so much, as well as a respect for each other's individual space.
We have rediscovered the joys of the seasons; picking out a Christmas tree, Hydrangeas and Magnolias in bloom, the drippy goodness of a Foster's ice cream cone dipped in chocolate, carving pumpkins. He shares my love of animals as well as the undeniable beauty of nature. He has awaken in me the memory of how wonderful it feels to sleep under the stars and to smell the pines. He shares my adventurous spirit and passion for travel. From our journey to the forests of Africa in search of Mountain Gorillas, to the local hikes in our own majestic mountains, we've come home exhausted and happy from adventures near and far.

And I look forward to so many more.

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