Sunday, June 11, 2006

Enchanted Evening

After Cole's my husband and I packed up some seat cushions, a blanky, and some vittles and headed into the canyon to the Theatricum Botanicum. Tonight's opening production was a racous rendition of Shakespeare's Twelfth Night.
Sitting at a table for two under a canopy of trees, the sound of happily croaking frogs bouncing up from the creek, we drank our wine and nibbled on chicken salad and cherries and watched the people stream in. Sufficiently sated and with a little bit of a wine buzz we took our seats inside, and so began an enchanting evening.
The dramatis personae of the Theatricum Botanicum were truly dazzling and the surroundings became even more captivating as the sun settled and the full moon shed it’s light upon the forest. Simply wonderful!

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